About Casa Fotografia Andrade

Originally from Castro Marim, two brothers settled in Tavira, a neighbouring district. They had been involved in photography since the beginning, an art that had just begun to arouse a certain amount of interest and a lot of curiosity.

At the end of the 19th century, José Damasceno de Andrade was the first of the two brothers to dedicate himself to this activity, and Apolinário Cândido de Andrade followed in his footsteps a decade later. And it was this younger brother who would later give rise, with his descendants, to a family of photographers. A family that, over more than 120 years, has immortalised people and events; urban, rural and river environments, and the economic and social evolution of Tavira in negatives, and their work is a notable preservation of historical heritage.

These nuggets of the past can be appreciated at Casa Fotografia Andrade’s permanent exhibition, open to the public at Rua da Liberdade, 36, right in the town centre.
Together with vibrant images of the pulse of a city and its people can be seen cameras and other accessories used from the early days of the art of photography.

Visitors are invited to take an authentic journey through time to discover the different facets seen in the world of photography in just over a century, from its stumbling first steps to the dizzying evolution of modern times.